Oct 02
Costume Time

It's time to begin finding that right costume with your kids.  I always wanted to make the elaborate costume. Then 4 kids later I realized I needed to just let them buy one.  I really enjoyed when one of our daughters wanted to be a Pan Am Stewardess when the show was on.  We went from thift shop to antigue store looking for the right hat to make into her Pan Am Hat. We found it and I really enjoyed making it look just right.  I realized that creating the costume was part of the experience for me.  So whether you buy it or make it, it really is time.  They will need them before you know it.​

Oct 02
Make me an instrument

I remember songs I have heard in church like Make me an instrument.  I really have a strong affinity for instruments.  The beautiful sound of a stringed instrument, the clear tones of a horn, the melody of a finely tuned piano. Ahhhh. 

If I were an instrument I would want to be a violin.  A violin can play classical music, an Irish jig or a country square dance.  Make me an instrument of peace, an instrument that inspires others to sing, to dance, to create. 

An instrument in the hands of one who can play it offers much to the quality of our lives.​

Oct 02
What Children Need....

​Most nights I go to bed thinking about how much more I needed to get done today.  I love it when I can think of some things that went right.  I read a wonderful blog post lately suggesting that we simply say to our child when watching them play an instrument, do a sport, etc.  " I love watching you play baseball or I love watching you paint, etc. "  I was truly impacted by that and have tried it.  It works. They light up knowing that it's enough to just do it. They don't need to be the best, you just like being there and watchign them do what they enjoy doing.  We all adore our children so much!

Sep 21
It's Raining, It's Pouring

​It's Raining, it's pouring, the old Man is snoring.  Well, the first part is right.....

It's Saturday, Sept. 21st and it rained all night and this morning. 

This is why it's a good idea to schedule your birthday party with us.  You won't need to worrry about having 12 children or more in your home for a party.  We already have the decorations, costumes for them to wear (for certain parties), goodie bags to decorate, lots of fun prizes for the goodie bags, plates, napkins, drinks, candles. and more. 

So if you wake up and it's the day of your party, you just show up with your camera and a cake.....and don't worry about the rain!


Check out the fun prize rack.  Party goers get to choose their own goodie bag prizes.  Even the preteens love this part.  Prizes are set depending on the age of the party goers and there are different prizes for boys and girls of course!!


Email us and set your date.

Celebrations are our specialty!



Sep 17
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.....

​A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish....

A Plan without a deadline is just a Fairy Tale.


Studio J is all about a fairy tale. It's a dream come true where children and families can come and pretend to be a super hero, a Princess, a pirate, a rock star or really learn to be a rock star.  One of our former students who was in Liberty Singers, our Show Choir moved to Hollywood with his family and is performng now in various pilots. He had a plan and his parents supported it coming true.

Our goal is 50 new birthday parties that are not already scheduled by Dec. 31st. So we have a goal and a deadline.  The plan involves you.

Sep 17
American Girl Dolls...gotta love em.

​I am a girlie girl and always have been.   I really feel blessed to be the Mother of three girls but was also thrilled that our 4th child was a boy.  My husband was even more thrilled!

Our girls are growing but American Girl Dolls are still living in their rooms.  :)  They were truly one of my favorite toys of theirs.  There were no batteries, no technology, just a girl and a doll.  Our one daughter was so precious.  Her doll was truly alive to her. She wanted to take her everywhere but would not take her outside without a coat.  Kit had to have a coat.  She got one of course so that she could travel with us.  Kit went to Chicago and had lunch at the American Girl Store.  What a memory.  I will have to post a picture. 

We offer American Girl Birthday parties so that the girls can bring their dolls.   The dolls get a special place to sit and have cake and a tiara for them and a craft.  Plain and simple, the dolls are spoiled. And the girls love it. My favorite part is watching them go on stage for a fashion show with their doll.  It is so precious how for them they care more about the doll than themselves.  Hey, see these are not just toys, they are teaching lifes lessons.  I think American Girl Doll Mommys will be good Mothers one day.

We have a special American Girl lunch event coming up on Oct. 5. Sign up soon so you don't miss out. Oh and your daughter and her doll needs to come too!!!!American-Girl-Doll-Party-Doll-close-up-1024x680.jpg

Sep 16
It's time to learn to play the guitar!

​So many people I meet seem so excited that I can play the guitar.  I started taking piano lessons at a young age and really enjoyed it.  I   played clarinet in school and even took accordian lessons.  It sounds funny but it was really, really fun.  Ahh.....but guitar. I think I started learning guitar at about age 12.

It was the instrument of my dreams because I could take it anywhere.  When I was a camp counselor I got to lead the songs and I was the popular one who sat around and played songs around the campfire.

When we go to Lakeside and rent a cottage or go camping the guitar goes along.  It's a great family and friend bonding time.  I was in several bands playing guitar and taught music for several preschools and Day Care Centers and Gymboree Music all because I knew how to play the guitar.


We're offering great deals on our group guitar classes.  There is one for tweens, teens and adults. It's never too late.  (Piano, Bass and Ukelele classes too)


6:30 to 7:30 Tweens

7:30 to 8:30  Teens

8:30 to 9:30 Adults

$50.00 for first 4 weeks and then just $10.00 per week

Individual lessons are $15.00 per half hour

Give your child the gift of music, it lasts a lifetime.



May 27
Welcome to my blog!

This is where I'll be sharing my thoughts on topics that matter to me. Who knows... I might even share pictures, videos and links to other interesting stuff.

If I catch your interest, let me hear from you.